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20L Dehumidifier 24hr Timer Damp, Mould, Condensation, Mildew, Moisture Remover

  • £199.99
Tax included.
  • 20 Litres/ Day Moisture Removal: Tired of getting rid of damp floors, mouldy walls and foggy windows because your silica gel dehumidifier won’t work? Time to end that with MONHOUSE dehumidifier, it comes with a 5.5L water tank and can remove up to 20l/D with 30 cm continuous drainage hose for long-term use. Effectively remove excess moisture from your home that causes dampness in your large spaces which is the root of build-up mould, mildew, and musty smell. The coverage is up to 35sq meters.


  • Digital Led Display & Control Panel: Digital LED screen displays automatic current room humidity level the three coloured lighting indicator keeps you aware of the humidity level around you ( Blue : Room humidity less than 50 %, Green: Room humidity is an optimum 50-70%, Red: Room humidity is greater than 70%). And simple and easy to use control panel that allows you to control 4 dehumidification modes including laundry mode, auto-defrost, child lock and fan only, giving you full access. 


  • Safety Features: The most important features of every appliance are the safety features. With MONHOUSE your safety is our priority that’s why it has a built-in 24hour timer that allows you to schedule the dehumidifier to turn on and turn off when you’re in the middle of sleep giving you undisturbed sleep and peace of mind. It also features over leaking protection which will automatically turn-off when the water tank is 5.5L full for. So you don’t have to worry about the water tank overflowing.


  • Energy Saving & Earth Friendly: We make sure that it adopts refrigerant R290 which is natural, non-toxic, and free of ozone-depleting properties. Approved in 2011, HC has a low GWP and is one of the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective refrigerants available. With a power of just 450watts, which means this dehumidifier is both powerful and energy efficient, consuming only 15kW that works out at £1.73 per 24 hour day. Now, you don’t have to worry about energy bills even for 24/7 use.


  • Compact & Sleek Design: 20L per day yet compact powerful dehumidifier, helps improve air quality and create a fresh and clean environment. It's white sleek design is perfect fit to your minimalist home and can easily fit every area in your home with high humidity such as  kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, caravan, garage and even to your walk-in closet avoiding mould to form into your luxuries collection. The size (34 x 21 x 55cm) and lightweight (24.2lb), making it super easy to move and store.

Help dry your laundry The MONHOUSE Dehumidifier helps dry your laundry! Place in a room where your clothes are drying, switch the function to continuous drying, and just watch how the dehumidifier helps with drying time.

Eradicate Condensation on your windows Condensation appearing on the inside of your windows is a key warning sign that your room has a problem with high humidity and trapped moisture. Prevent this problem with a dehumidifier.


What can a dehumidifier do for you? Control the humidity in your lounge, bedroom and study room so the moisture levels in the air are kept to a minimum, purifying the air and inhibiting any build-up of mould or harmful allergens.