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12L Dehumidifier 24hr Timer Damp, Mould, Condensation, Mildew, Moisture Remover

  • £199.99
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  • Ultra-efficient Dehumidifier: It comes with a 2-litre water tank and can eliminate up to 12L/ Day (30 Degrees,80%) of excess humidity. With a rolling piston compressor that enables a whisper-quite sound. Efficiently remove moisture from your home that causes dampness in your spaces which is the root of build-up mould, mildew and musty smell. MONHOUSE will collect moisture and release fresh air, providing you a healthier life and comfortable environment. The maximum coverage area is up to 25m².


  • Humidity Level Indicator & Press Button: A 25.5 x 22 x 47 cm compact dehumidifier that has a humidity light indicator that displays automatic current room humidity level, the three coloured lighting indicator keeps you aware of the humidity level around you (Blue : Room humidity less than 50 %, Green: Room humidity is an optimum 50-70%, Red: Room humidity is greater than 70%). And simple and easy to use control panel that allows you to control all the features giving you full access.


  • Auto Restart & Auto Defrost: It uses a double semiconductor device for dehumidification. The semiconductor is a refrigeration device, and in colder temperatures, there is a risk of frosting, which can cause the machine to stop working. Our dehumidifier adds an automatic defrost function. Compared to other dehumidifiers, MONHOUSE will defrosts automatically when frost occurs. And a Auto restart feature for the dehumidifier to automatically switch on when sudden power interruption happened.


  • Air Purification: End the root of allergens with a dehumidifier that removes excess moisture from your room, effectively adjust air humidity and keep triggers to a minimum. High humidity levels present the perfect ground for moulds and other allergens. Good thing we have MONHOUSE dehumidifier, you can alleviate these problem with the Active Carbon Filter it captures up to 99.97% of airborne particles, dust, pollen, smoke, odours mould and pet dander with a clean air delivery rate of 42m³/h.


  • Energy Saving & Earth Friendly: We make sure that it adopts refrigerant R290 which is natural, non-toxic, and free of ozone-depleting properties. R290 has a low GWP and is one of the most environmentally friendly refrigerants available. Features an Auto Defrost under low temperature making it more energy saving. With a power of just 178W and rated current of 0.98A, which means this dehumidifier is both powerful and energy efficient. Now, you don’t have to worry about energy bills.



Eradicate Condensation on your windows Condensation appearing on the inside of your windows is a key warning sign that your room has a problem with high humidity and trapped moisture. Prevent this problem with a dehumidifier.

This 12L capacity dehumidifier will help control the humidity in your lounge, bedroom and study room so the moisture levels in the air are kept to a minimum, purifying the air and inhibiting any build-up of mould or harmful allergens.


Easy to Move and Store You can move the dehumidifier between the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom to tackle condensation and cleanse the air to create a healthier home.